Celebrity Parents' Christmas Wish Lists

Celebrity Parents' Christmas Wish Lists

It can be tough to decide what you're going to buy for your family for Christmas. And even a celebrity with the most charmed of life is no different in that respect - they may be high profile, but they've still got demanding children and tricksy in laws to please.

The BBC Shop, which stocks products relating to all your favourite TV programmes, has recently been compiling wish lists from a wide range of famous faces. You can see the full list here - very useful if you just can't think of what to buy for everybody's favourite Tweeter, Stephen Fry.

Here's what's on the celebrity mums and dads' wish lists:

Claudia Winkleman (Presenter)

  • Planet Earth – "The most extraordinary series I have ever seen. I'd watch it and "oooh" and "aaaaah" as if I were watching fireworks. I'd love to watch it again with my children."

  • Complete Coogan –"Just the words "Alan" and "Partridge" make me fall over and shake with giggles. This is actually true. The Complete Coogan would be the best thing to have for immediate laughter."

  • Charlie and Lola box set in little lunch box – "Charlie and Lola is a big deal in our house. We love every single episode and when there's new one out we've been known to jump up and down. I am being perfectly serious. Lauren Child is a genius."

Fern Britton (Presenter)

  • Charles Dickens boxset DVDs

  • Private World of Kenneth Williams

  • The BBC History magazine subscription

Ainsley Harriott (Chef/Presenter)

  • Shooting Stars 2009

  • David Attenborough Life

  • Britain from Above

    Ainsley says: "For great silly childish fun with Vic and Bob, for knowledge of animal life and because it's beautifully narrated by the great man himself David Attenborough ( don't you just wish he was your uncle) and the stunning aerial shots of Britain from above - wow, what exhilarating scenery (watching gives me a fabulous appetite)."

Anthea Turner (Presenter)

  • Mary Berry's Baking Bible – "This will be for my youngest stepdaughter Claudia we love backing and Mary's books are just the best."

  • No 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith – "I have read all of his books and am a massive fan, Mum missed this when it was on the television so over Christmas she can catch up on this writing treasure."

  • Planet Earth – "This will be for me and my Dad to enjoy. I saw this series when it went out but could watch it again and again every time learning more."

Tamsin Outhwaite (Actress)

  • In The Night Garden Soft n Cosy Playset

  • Iggle Piggle Dancing Plush

  • Carribean Food Made Easy

Tom Baker (Actor)

  • Hamlet: Starring David Tennant DVD

  • David Attenborough: Life DVD

  • Portrait of a Marriage DVD

Jacqueline Wilson (Author)

  • Torchwood - Children of Earth – "I'm a passionate Dr Who and Torchwood fan, and have all the boxed sets except this one - so it's definitely my number one choice."

  • Alan Bennett at the BBC – "I think I've watched almost every Alan Bennett play, and can quote chunks here and there. 'Treat jostles with treat,' is one of my favourite sayings. This selection will be a real treat for me"

  • Desperate Romantics – "I love the Pre-Raphaelites and have many books about them. This dramatised series took various liberties but I found it tremendous fun."

Saira Khan (Apprentice)

  • Something Special Nursery Rhymes DVD – "Zac loves dancing and singing to nursery rhymes so this would be great for Christmas as I can put it on and we can both sing along to it."

  • Mary Berry's Baking Bible – "As a mum I have taken to baking and love cakes so this would be perfect for me."

  • Sir David Attenborough's Life Stories – "I did Saving Planet Earth and met David Attenborough – he's one of my heroes and I love his work."

Jenni Murray (Author & Woman's Hour presenter)

  • Life "Because they are the most brilliant, breathtaking programmes I've ever seen - uncompromising and unsentimental about life and death in the natural world."

  • Jane Austen Collection "Because I never tire of reading or watching her work and I may find myself watching Mr Darcy wet his shirt over and over again."

  • Dancing Shaun the Sheep "Because I'm just a big kid and he'll make me laugh."

Mark Foster (Olympic Swimmer)

  • Fun with Phonics - Letters and Sounds Book & DVD

  • LazyTown: The Snow Monster & Other Stories DVD

  • Olive Subscription

Jeff Brazier (Presenter)

  • Quickstart Spanish audio

  • Secret Seven win through audio

  • Ready Steady cook book top 100 recipes

  • Lonely Planet - Great Britain 8

All products mentioned are currently available at the BBC shop.

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