Christmas Gifts For New Mums

Christmas Gifts For New Mums

If you've got a friend who's just had a baby, probably the best gift of all you can give her is your time.

Keep your visits brief and use them to help as much as you can. Offer to hold the baby so she can have a shower, a snooze or even just go to the loo in peace. Make your own cup of tea and don't expect to be waited on. Offer to bring a few bits from the supermarket. Bring her lots of drinks - if she's breastfeeding, she'll need to replenish those fluids. Forgive her if she seems a little flaky or even weepy - her mind is probably more mashed than it's ever been.

And if you'd like to give your new mum friend a gift that's a little more tangible as well, here are some suggestions for lovely Christmas gifts to spoil a new mother:

  • Some posh chocs

    If she is breastfeeding, or even rushing around making up bottles, she'll need to replenish that lost energy. Help her do it in a way that's extra special with a beautifully wrapped gift box like these from Godiva or these from Charbonnel et Walker

  • Bamford Body

    This range has got some gorgeous natural and organic ingredients, and is completely ch

    emical-free. Chose from beautiful gift sets for mum or baby or both.

  • Burt's Bees Gift Sets

    When friends have babies I often buy them one of the Burt's Bees Baby Bee gift sets like this Mama and Baby TLC kit. But really, it's a new mum who needs pampering, so I think in future I'll go for one of the range's new gift sets. This Naturally Nourishing gift set has milk and honey as some of its main ingredients and like all BB products, smells amazing.

  • An in-home beauty treatment

    Blossom & Jasmine are a company offering luxury health and beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home - just what you need when you have a new baby and barely enough energy to get off the sofa. As recommended by Pregnancy & Birth Magazine.

  • New Parent Survival Box

    A lovely gift set from Beaming Baby, containing aromatherapy and massage products.

  • Sprogbox

    A celebrity favourite, mix and match at this site to create your own gift box.

  • A lovely bag

    Once you have a baby, you do need to carry a lot of extra stuff around with you on a day-to-day basis. But that's no reason why your changing bag has to be all lumpen and boring, it can still be cool and funky like these from Matt and Nat. And for a wider range, TK Maxx is now offering a selection of designer handbags online from its website here.