Christmas Stocking Fillers Under £2

Christmas Stocking Fillers Under £2

I must confess that originally this article was going to be about stocking fillers under a fiver. But that's a bit boring really isn't it? There are loads of articles around right now about stocking fillers under a fiver. And anyway, ParentDish readers are intelligent enough to find that sort of stuff themselves.

Makes you think, though. If your whole stocking was filled with gifts up to a fiver, that would make for a pretty hefty total price tag.

So let's credit crunch this feature and get down to the nitty gritty.

Here's my guide to some of the best stocking fillers around right now, none of which are more than £2, many of which are considerably less:

  • A £2 coin

    Right at the top of our budget, one size fits all. Looks satisfyingly like a pirate's doubloon. And if that's not fancy enough for you, for £1.99 the Royal Mint are offering a collector's pack of the Blue Peter 50p - a coin designed by one of their viewers to commemorate the 2012 Olympics.

  • Hawkin's Bazaar

    With stores around the country and a great online shop, this is a handy place to scoo

    p all your little bits and bobs. They have hundreds of gifts at less than £2, including squishy balls, glowy stars and several varieties of whoopee cushion.

  • Terry's Chocolate Orange

    I think I would send my stocking back to Santa if it didn't contain one of these. This year's new chocolate orange flavour is Popping Candy, though children may prefer the white chocolate version. Technically these should be over £2, but there are tons of special offers around (Tesco 2 for £3, Superdrug 3 for £5) that will lower it into our clutches.

  • Poundland

    A veritable treasure trove at the best of times, this nationwide store really comes into its own right now. You can see some of the stock on their website, but it really is worth going into a Poundland shop if you can and having a rummage around to see what's new. Current picks for stockings include the head boppers shown here, bath fizzers, chocolate coins and a wide range of toys.

  • A Playmobil figure

    Not many of the

    m under £2 admittedly, but if you look you can find them.

  • Superdrug

    This shop is my secret weapon for Christmas stockings. They have lots of lovely mini toiletries for all ages. Current faves are their Christmas shower gels and soaps (shown here) at 99p each. Also look out for delicious face masks for adult stockings in white chocolate, green tea, apricot and strawberry souffle flavours from Montagne Jeunesse which are only 97p.
  • Sweets
  • My Twitter buddies reckon that all anyone wants is sweets in their stocking, so how about this mahoosive gobstopper the size of a tennis ball, only £1.74 from sweet experts A Quarter Of.