13/11/2011 21:23 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

EastEnders' Shane Ritchie Wants To Adopt - Dad Of FIVE Wants More Kids

Shane Ritchie wants to adopt - dad of FIVE wants more kids PA

EastEnders actor Shane Ritchie has said he would like to adopt a child and - despite being a dad of five - has not ruled out having more babies of his own.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, Shane says he and his wife Christine are 'serious' about adoption even though they have only just welcomed their third child together.

Baby daughter Romalie arrived just two months ago, joining big brother Mackenzie, five, and sister Lolita, two. Shane also has two grown up sons from his marriage to Coleen Nolan.

Speaking about the possibility of adopting, Shane said: 'We certainly would do it. We were talking about looking into it at Christmas so we can spend some quality time with Romalie this summer.'

'We know we'll have to jump through hoops, but it's something we are serious about, so we are going to get someone round from the local council to talk through what we have to do.'

He added that he would also like to have more children of his own, saying:

'I've got five now and are five any different to six? And who I am to deny Christine another child if she wants one? I may be 47 but I think that kids keep you young and fit.'

We applaud Shane's desire to adopt.

If you've got the money and space, do you think big families equal increased happiness?