Guernsey Plane Crash: Rescued Woman Leaves Hospital

Rescued Woman Leaves Hospital After Guernsey Plane Crash

A 78-year-old woman rescued from the sea after her light aircraft crashed into the English Channel has been released from hospital, police have said.

The woman was on board the single engine, private plane when it ditched into the water 25 miles off the coast of Guernsey.

She was with her husband, 79, and a search is continuing for him.

Guernsey Police have named the couple as Mr and Mrs Dickinson, of Alderney.

Mrs Dickinson, 78, asked for their first names not to be released, said Inspector John Davis who added that search and rescue had not yet located Mr Dickinson, 79, who piloted the plane.

He said: "Mrs Dickinson has been released into the care of her relatives and is apparently bearing up very well despite her ordeal. We have been asked not to give the first names by Mrs Dickinson.

"We can confirm they are both Alderney residents and Mr Dickinson was the pilot.

"Mrs Dickinson has not been questioned yet in relation to what happened. The Air Accident Investigation Branch from the UK is in Guernsey to start inquiries."

The plane was due to land on Alderney after returning from the UK's south coast.

A Russian merchant vessel found Mrs Dickinson on a liferaft and winched her to safety before a helicopter took her to hospital.


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