How Much Do You Spend On Your Kids At Christmas?

How Much Do You Spend On Your Kids At Christmas?

The amount some parents spend on their kids at Christmas is quite horrifying.

A glance at some of the online forums shows that some people think it's perfectly acceptable to spend thousands on presents for their children.

A survey by Bic Kids reveals that parents in the North East of England spend the most on toys and gifts for their kids - a massive £286.70 on average.

Parents in Northern Ireland, Wales, the Midlands, Scotland, the North West and Yorkshire all spend more than £200.

Surprisingly parents in London spend the least, an average of £164.02.

Two-thirds of parents also admit to feeling stressed in the run-up to Christmas. I'm not surprised, if they're forking out that amount of money.

These kind of sums are making me feel rather miserly as we have only spent about £20 on our daughter so far, and don't intend to shell out very much more.

To be fair, our daughter will only be 11 months old at Christmas and I would expect to spend a bit more when she gets older. But I hope it won't run into the hundreds and certainly not the thousands.

Lots of relatives will also be buying her presents - how much stuff does she need? And how much stuff do we have space for in the house?

I also hope we can resist "pester power" – I don't remember nagging my parents for this toy or that toy. Christmas presents were usually a surprise up until we were teenagers, and they were much better for it if you ask me.

I realise this makes me sound terribly old-fashioned and strict...

So let me know - how much do you spend on your children at Christmas? Do you buy them everything they ask for? And are you cutting back this year because of the recession?

Source: Made for Mums