I'm A Celebrity: Freddie Starr Eating Bugs, Antony Cotton Freaking Out - Day One Highlights

I'm A Celebrity: Highlights From Day One

I'm A Celebrity has kicked off for 2011, and it's an even more motley crew than usual, with Willie Carson, Fatima Whitbread, Stefanie Powers and Antony Cotton all trading polite small talk before three weeks of jungle warfare brings out the more primitive survival instincts in each.

Click here to vote for your favourite Celebrity to win this year's title, and in the meantime, here are a few highlights of Day One in the jungle - pictures below:

Antony Cotton from Coronation Street taking exception to the word "camp" and then freaking out in a high-pitched voice over the forthcoming parachute jump

Antony saying "I was brave" and crying after aforementioned jump

Fatima's almost hypnotically calm face in the helicopter when everybody else was turning blue in fear

Chrissie helpfully taking out her teeth ahead of the jump, and then Mark worrying that Chrissie and her teeth were in two separate parts of the jungle

Stefanie Powers helpfully being described as "Hollywood actress"

Mark trying to help Antony through his fear over the parachute jump, saying "I'm trying to be strong for the others, but there's only so much you can do" - is he actually quite a nice bloke?

Lorraine Chase proving all those tough guys wrong and being the first out of the helicopter

Stefanie Powers instructing everyone else in the art of the hollowed-out canoe - if you listen carefully, you can almost hear her saying "Jonathan..." (ignore this Heart to Heart reference for anyone born after 1987)

The infamous bushtuckers' trial never losing its power to humble the toughest D-lister

Wondering if there will in fact be a moment when Antony shows his inner mettle?

The blue team doing their damnedest not to blame Freddie (out loud) for their inferior camp and tucker, after his rubbish bushtucker trial effort, while Freddie helpfully blames himself over and over again, and becomes even more annoying

Freddie still going on about how bad he feels in the middle of the night

The rest of them telling him not to worry

Willie Carson secretly saying it was Freddie's fault

Antony telling Lorraine Chase "you can't imagine how excited I am to be putting on my shorts and going for a wash"

Stefanie calling stilettos "spiked heels" when asking Freddie what sort of women's shoes he prefers to wear

The inevitability of Freddie and Mark being selected to compete in the first first bushtucker trial

Willy Carson jockeying for position - a line I intend to restrict to using a mere seven more times in the next three weeks

The general bonding and good team spirits already - how long can this last?

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