Majorca Helicopter Crash Pair Named

Two Brits Killed In Majorca Helicopter Crash Named

Two British businessmen who were killed in a helicopter crash in Majorca have been named in reports as Mark Blaver-Mann and Alistair Evans.

The pair died when the helicopter came down in woodland in Coll de Sa Gramola near Andratx on the Balearic island.

They were named by the Daily Mail.

Mr Evans was reported as owning the Soho restaurant in Dorset.

A member of staff there said: "It is all still a bit raw for us. I am sure when they are ready they will tell us but at the moment we have been told not to comment."

Mr Blaver-Mann was said to have been at the controls of the top-of-the-range Hughes 500 chopper when it fell from the sky.

He and Mr Evans, both aged 53, reportedly co-owned a luxury boat which was moored on the island, and both lived in the affluent Canford Cliffs area of Poole in Dorset.

A friend of the pair told the Mail he would have joined them on holiday had it not been for a party he had to attend.

Stephen Bath, joint managing director of Bath Travel, said: "I am totally shocked. I was with both Alastair and Mark for dinner last Friday and had it not been for a 60th birthday party at the weekend, I would have probably accepted their invitation to join them in Majorca. When I heard about the crash and the type of helicopter it was, I feared it might be them.

"They were very successful businessmen. They were both good friends and good company. It's very sad and my thoughts are with their families."


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