ParentView: 6 Wii Games For Children's Parties

ParentView: 6 Wii Games For Children's Parties

If you're hosting a children's party this winter, chances are that it will have to be an indoor affair. And whilst pass the parcel and musical bumps will still hold children's attention, there's one gadget that will also entertain your guests till it's going home time - the Wii.

AOL News recently reported here on a study which found that the Nintendo Wii is becoming an increasingly popular source of entertainment at children's parties. It makes sense if you consider that the system was designed to be played in groups. Many of the games are easy to understand and can be played by everyone from little children to adults.

But which games will go down best with partygoers?

  1. Disney's Sing It

    Lately, every time there's a group of little girls in my house, all they want to do is play this karaoke style game. There's only one microphone, but this doesn't seem to bother them because they all join in, choir sty

    le.The latest Pop Hits version has just been released and includes tunes by Duffy, Coldplay and (oh no!) Miley Cyrus.

  2. Wii Sports

    Especially the bowling, and for some odd reason, the golf. Better for small groups who are old enough to wait and take turns

  3. Wii Fit

    I was a bit reticent about letting children use this, because I didn't want them getting hangups about body shape and being the 'correct' weight etc. But it turns out they LOVE the hula hooping and getting the little Miis in action.

  4. Haven't played this one myself, but several of my Twitter buddies recommended Carnival Funfair Games as a good one to get the party going. It consists of over 25 family friendly mini games that can be played quickly. Sounds a bit like Toy Story Mania which we also enjoyed a lot.
  5. Marvel Superhero Squad

    This is a great new game for kids aged seven and over who want to release their inner Spider-man or Incredible Hulk. It's a bit of a fighty one, so don't choose this if you've got sensitive ears. But if you want your boy to have the coolest party this winter, this is the way to impress him and his mates.

  6. World of Zoo

    If you prefer a gentler game, or your children are just that bit better behaved, check out this new animal themed game which has just been released. Kids get to create their own zoo, play mini games and play with the animals.
  7. And finally on Twitter, DollysDay suggests a marvellous game she's invented called Hide the Wii: "Mum hides it in handbag under the bed and kids spend a crazy two hours trying to find it." Now that really would be a party to remember.

Which Wii games do you recommend for children's parties?