'Strictly Come Dancing': New Pairing Holly Valance And Brendan Cole Impress Judges

STRICTLY: New Pairing Holly And Brendan Impress Judges

All eyes were on new partnership Holly Valance and Brendan Cole following a dramatic week of Strictly Come Dancing. Brendan was voted off last week with his partner Lulu, but Holly's partner Artem had to pull out of the contest with a spinal injury, leaving Brendan to step into the breach. With less than a week of rehearsal time together, this new pair have their work cut out competing with the established pairings of the others. Here's a rundown of the night:

Alex Jones and James danced an energetic jive to River Deep, Mountain High, with lots of in-sync swirling and jumping. The judges all praised their energy, but wanted to see more pointed toes.

Total judges' vote (out of 40): 31

Robbie Savage and his partner Ola made a smooth transition to American swing, and his footballer's strength again held him in good stead, as he swung his partner around, smiling manically all the while. Judge Bruno told Robbie he was becoming increasingly "smooth" and applauded how he could "swing both ways".

Total vote: 31

Audley Harrison and Natalie decided to go with the cha-cha-cha. Natalie was emphatic in rehearsal that Audley had to lead, but judge Bruno thought their timing was off. Judge Len disagreed, and applauded Audley's continuing effort, while host Bruce Forsyth said Audley was "still his favourite".

Total vote: 20

Harry Judd and partner Aliona looked to Argentina for their dancing inspiration, in a lift-heavy tango routine designed to impress. Where Audley had failed to lead, Harry did in masterful fashion - "authority, dominance, control" was judge Craig's description while the others were equally impressed... except lone voice Len, complaining that it lacked intensity.

Total vote: 37

Jason Donovan got a singled-out honour, with a videogram from his former love and co-star Kylie Minogue. Jason and his partner Kristina took on the Viennese waltz, after a disappointing rumba last week. This week saw them get it right, with judges all noting impressive footwork and connection between the pair.

Total vote: 35

Chelsee Healey and Pasha took to the floor, dancing the foxtrot with heads held high. The pair swirled with smooth authority, and the wardrobe malfunction of a fortnight ago seemed a dim memory when judge Bruno admired Chelsee's "soft wings of a dove".

Total vote: 36

Anita Dobson and Robin decided there were to be "no more laughs or giggles this week", a mission sorely tested in rehearsal, when Robin donned a Brian May wig. When they got to the stage with their Argentine tango, however, it was a seriously dramatic business and another standing ovation. As judge Len said, "It smouldered."

Total vote: 33

Holly Valance and Brendan had a dramatic week, with Artem's exit due to a spinal surgery, and Brendan turning up as her "knight in shining armour". Artem stayed on for choreographing duties, and Holly and Brendan took to the floor with the rumba. For such a new pairing, they acquitted themselves exceptionally well, impressing judges with their smooth moves.

Total vote: 34

Finally, it was the time of show survivor Russell Grant, with his partner Flavia, whom he calls his stage-daughter. Russell had been told to be "more macho", and accordingly took to the floor for a jaunty rendition of dancefloor anthem I Am What I Am, costume-change all all. Len said afterwards, "that was... what that was", Bruno told him "you are your own creation" and Craig merely used the word "immortal".

Total vote: 26

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