Tip Of The Day - Great Christmas Gifts For Under Fives

Tip Of The Day - Great Christmas Gifts For Under Fives

So now we've got the big girls and boys sorted out, what would the little kids like for Christmas?

For under-twos, they really aren't aware of the festivities, and would be just as happy with some crinkly paper as a big fancy toy. But from two onwards, children do have definite preferences.

So here are some last minute recommendations for toys your under-fives will love:

First up is Night Night Timmy, featuring the popular CBeebies star of Timmy Time. Lie this Timmy down at bedtime and you'll see that he's tired – his eyes close and he starts to snore. Additionally, when his hand is pressed he'll 'baa' a welcome at you, meaning that toddlers will have a friend to talk to and hold hands with when mum and dad aren't around. How cute!

  • Haba Toys

    This is a beautiful range of mainly wooden and cloth toys for younger children. These are classic toys with a twist, which will stand up to any amount of bashing by toddlers.
  • My 1st JCB

    Everyone has a first JCB, right? What, you mean you don't? Man, you've been missing out – check out these guys. Includes a truck called Elvis, a must for every toy box.

  • Disney range

    I know some parents get snooty about 'character' toys, but the truth is that little children do get genuinely excited about toys that they already recognise. Don't assume that a character from a TV show or film will diminish a toy's worth – sometimes these are the toys that children get most attached to and can be a great stimulus to role play games.

    Top new picks from the Disney range this year are: Winnie The Pooh Light 'n Learn Spinning Top (£16.99 from Argos); Disney Princess Magical Music Laptop (£34.99 from Amazon and Early Learning Centre) and the Handy Manny Learning Phone (shown here £14.99 from Sainsbury's, Amazon)

  • Some cool clothes

    Because under-fives don't really need that many toys, and do tend to grow at an alarming rate, this can be a good time of year to kit them out with some smart new togs. I love these Star Wars tops from Fabric Flavours and the rest of the range is just as cool, as it includes the Gruffalo, Sesame Street and Mr Men.

  • A Balance Bike

    Get your child ready for riding a proper bike, by starting with a no-pedals version. One of the best ranges (including pretend mod scooters and mini motorbikes) is by Kiddimoto.