Which Christmas Toys Are Your Children Still Playing With?

Which Christmas Toys Are Your Children Still Playing With?

So we're almost a month on from Christmas, but doesn't it feel like yesterday? I think the snow helped to prolong the festive feelings.

Every year it amazes me that the big toy hits of Christmas are not what you expected them to be. The toy that was at the top of your child's wish list, that you searched high and low to find, gets played with for about five minutes. And the throwaway stocking filler that you picked up for about 50p at the supermarket turns out to be the real joy. Meanwhile, babies and toddlers ignore their lavish gifts to confirm the cliché that all they really want is some nice rustly wrapping paper.

So, one month in, which toys are your children still gaga about?

These were the big hits in our house:

  • GoGo Hamsters

    Surprisingly for a novelty toy, these did live up to the hype and still prove to be a source of great amusement. I keep having to fish Chunk out from under the sofa.

  • Lego Space Police

    My six-year-old son did the rounds of the Lego range this year, and solemnly proclaims the Space Police to be the best.

  • Playmobil Sea Monster

    No bath is complete without one

  • Roman Mysteries Books

    My daughter's nose has not been sighted outside these books for the last month. They're sort of Roman-era Famous Five adventures. At £12.99 for a set of 15 from The Book People they were a real bargain too.

  • Intelligent Putty

    Looking like an oil slick in a tin, this oopy goopy stuff will bounce, stretch, harden or tear depending on how you treat it. Great fun, though unfortunately sometimes the children want to play with it too.

What were the hits of Christmas 2009 for your family? And what's proved to be a total waste of cash? Leave a comment below