14/11/2011 14:19 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Alex Gerrard Steps Out In Wet-Look Leggings TEN Days After Baby's Birth

Alex Gerrard steps out in wet-look leggings TEN days after baby's birth Splash

How do these celeb mums do it? Just TEN DAYS after giving birth to her third daughter, Alex Gerrard, wife of footballer Steven Gerrard, stepped out for a night on the tiles looking svelte and slim in WET LOOK LEGGINGS.

Whilst most mums of a 10-day-old newborn are still slopping around the house in their maternity joggers and a sick-stained jumper, Alex looked more like she was back in circulation after a trip to a health farm.

With her shiny blonde locks twisted back in an elegant chignon, and her face glowing with both health (and undoubtedly a coat of fake tan and bronzing powder), the new mum looked ready for the catwalk.

Sadly for her, the only runways her on-trend leggings and sky-high heels were treading were the damp Liverpool pavements as she made her way to the swish San Carlo Italian restaurant and a series of bars for a celebration with her girlfriends.

Alex and Steven welcomed their third baby Lourdes on November 2, a sister for seven-year-old Lily-Ella and five-year-old Lexie.

Would you risk Alex's wet-look skinnies TEN DAYS after having a baby?