14/11/2011 05:59 GMT | Updated 17/11/2011 12:23 GMT

GreenBottle, World's First Paper Wine Bottle, To Launch In Britain

Clinking wine bottles could be a distant memory as British inventor, Martin Myerscough, is introducing wine bottles made of papier mache.

The 'Greenbottle' could be on the shelves as early as next year following talks with a supermarket chain. Myerscough has also been responsible for the success of cardboard milk bottles at Asda.

The bottle's carbon footprint is only 10% of a glass wine bottle and it can biodegrade in a matter of weeks. The transport costs will also be greatly reduced because the paper bottle will be so much lighter.

Some 1.2bn wine bottles are consumed every year in Britain, so the need to find environmentally friendly packaging is pressing.

It may be anathema to wine connoisseurs to drink from a cardboard bottle, but with landfill space in Britain rapidly running out, they may have to learn to embrace it.

Myerscough has made a concerted effort to appeal to traditionalists, by retaining the classic wine bottle shape.

"We can be more radical, but we don't want people to be too scared about it. We need to lead them along gently," he explained.