14/11/2011 07:34 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Harper Seven Beckham Is The Spitting Image Of Mum Posh Spice - Except For The Brown Tights

Harper Seven Beckham is the spitting image of mum Posh Spice - except for the brown tights Xposure

We'll hold fire (for the moment) on the brown tights replacing the brown socks, but HOW gorgeous and what a mini-Posh is Harper Seven Beckham turning in to?

Victoria was snapped arriving at LAX airport for a jaunt to New York, in an appearance that perhaps highlighted their mother-daughter similarities for the first time.

Just like her mum, little Harper has a rosebud pout and cute little turned-up nose - not to mentioned a head of lush brunette locks.

But whilst Victoria looked vibrant in a gorgeous fitted blue dress and knee length suede boots, little Harper - although undeniably cute - was somewhat drably dressed for the flight in a checked autumnal shade dress and what has become her 'signature' brown hosiery... What IS it with Posh and the muted shades of baby-wear? Even that hair-clip is brown!

What do you think of the clothes Posh chooses for Harper?