14/11/2011 12:44 GMT | Updated 14/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Lewis Roman Fired Young Apprentice Review: Lord Sugar's Latest Victim Says 'I'm Not Arrogant Or Backstabbing'

Lewis Roman has been fired from Young Apprentice after failing in the latest over 50s task - but has hit back at claims he was arrogant.

Lord Sugar was left with no option after Lewis's Atomic team failed to match the money Kinetic managed to make.

Even though he wasn't the project manager, Lewis got it in the neck for a confused campaign to sell products to the older market.

Lord Sugar told the losing team: "It's a real mish mash of messages coming across here."

PM Haya decided to put Hayley and Lewis in the firing line because of their poor sales figures.

Haya immediately placed the blame with Lewis, saying: "I thought he was very unprofessional and immature.

"During the pitches to suppliers I felt like his mother trying to control her small child."

But Hayley didn't agree. "I think Haya should be fired," she told Lord Sugar.

"She didn't respect or take into account any of our opinions about the product."

Lewis then waded in on Hayley: "I think Hayley should be fired as she only sold one unit which suggests she wasn't passionate and enthusiastic."

But it was Lord Sugar who had the final say: "Lewis I admire your bubbly enthusiasm but sometimes I feel like your tongue isn't engaged with your brain and it needs to be.

As he was driven away Lewis said: "Lord Sugar believes in opportunities and he's given Hayley an opportunity to prove herself.  I've already proved myself in this competition."

He later added: "I'm not arrogant or backstabbing, I'm just a really great guy."