What Your Lunchtime Sandwich Says About Your Personality

What Your Lunchtime Sandwich Says About Your Personality

Do you enjoy a cheese and pickle sandwich at lunchtime? That's because you're more intelligent than BLT or tuna eaters, according to a recent study.

The research, by bread maker Warburtons, delved into the meaning behind our humble sarnie choices and found that there's more to our sandwich than meets the eye.

Researchers investigated the favourite sandwich fillings of 2,000 Brits and identified eight "key sandwich personalities". People who chomped on cheese and pickle sandwiches were more likely to have a high IQ, whereas those who preferred a meaty beef roll were impulsive.

"Personality traits tend to go hand-in-hand with personal habits and routines," says Dr Elizabeth Jones who led the study.

"This allows us to match the type of bread and filling a person chooses to have at lunch with a personality group. Down to earth people go for White bread, foodies prefer sandwich wraps and people who think realistically pick Wholemeal."

Does your favourite sandwich reveal all about your personality?