14/11/2011 11:21 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

X Factor Fashion: Kelly Rowland's Androgynous Suit V Tulisa's Feminine Frock

X Factor fashion: Kelly Rowland's androgynous suit v Tulisa's feminine frock About a boy: Kelly Rowland does androgynous chic, but Tulisa took a page out of Dannii's style book. Photo: Rex

Tulisa, meanwhile, couldn't have opted for a more different style, wowing in a structured one-shouldered dress, which, we thought, was very Dannii Minogue-esque.

The show was a packed one, with Amelia Lily, 2 Shoes, Jonjo Kerr and James Michael all battling it out for a return place, which, of course, finally went to Amelia.

See all the pics from last night's show below: