Syria: Death Toll Rises Despite International Pressure On Regime

At least 70 people have been killed in Syria in one of the bloodiest days since the uprising began in March, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The death toll includes civilians, soldiers and suspected army deserters. Most are believed to have been killed in the southern province of Deraa, while casualties are also being reported in Homs.

The BBC is reporting that more than 30 government troops were killed close to the Jordanian border following a firefight with members of the Free Syrian Army.

Speaking to the Egyptian Al-Dustur newspaper, Jordanian Ambassador Omar al-Amad said: "Nearly 120 people protested in front of the Jordanian embassy in Damascus on Monday evening and two of them managed to break into the outside courtyard of the embassy and tear down the Jordanian flag."

"Syrian security forces did not intervene to prevent the incursion into the embassy compound by these two individuals," he added.

According to foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Kayed, none of the demonstrators entered the embassy and no one was injured.

“If I were in his shoes I would step down,” said Abdullah, adding that he should ensure his successor should be able to “change the status quo”.

“Bashar could go and someone else could come in, but if it’s the same regime and the same member then we’re back to where we started."

In Europe, the EU moved to prevent Syria withdrawing money from the European Investment Bank, as well as increasing sanctions on Individuals involved in the crackdown on protesters.

On Sunday, the embassies of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey were attacked following the suspension of Syria from the Arab League. The UK and US has already withdrawn its embassy staff.

The Jordanian foreign ministry has yet to comment on whether it will withdraw their ambassador following Monday's attack.