Putin Begins His Campaign Trail For Russian Presidency With Dentistry Stunt (Photos)

Putin Attempts A Spot Of Dentistry As He Pushes Presidential Bid

Vladimir Putin's photo opportunities have traditionally pictured him as a comic-strip super hero, but in the newest shots the Russian politician is a dentist.

Topless fly-fishing, fire fighting and horse riding, the last photo opportunity captured a muscular Putin emerging from the sea after 'chancing upon' a priceless urn.

Despite comparisons to a 'poor woman's Daniel Craig', in Putin's latest role he is styled as a Bond villain rather than a Bond hero.

Poised above the Governor of Belgorod, Yevgeny Savchenko, Putin brandishes a dental instrument with apparent glee.

'Dr Putin' has begun his 2012 election campaign for the Russian presidency, and this photo opportunity at the municipal district ambulance was part of a series of shots in the run up to the bid.

More traditional than some of the macho dramatics captured on camera earlier this year, there was still something slightly surreal about Putin's pictures at the local community centre.

The ex-KGB spy for Leningrad was seen fondling the ears of a child dressed up as a bunny rabbit, and later the martial-arts expert listened to a boy play guitar.

The 59-year-old is likely to win the election on 4 March given his overarching domination of the political system.


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