Cute Pug: Star Wars Pooch 'Wampug' Set To Be The Next Viral Video

WATCH Wampug: The Star Wars Pooch That Will Make The Next Minute Of Your Life Better

Sniffling and snorting inside a Hoth Wampa outfit, this clueless pug clattering around on confused claws is a viral video waiting to happen.

Hoth Wampa is the yeti-like creature featured in The Empire Strikes Back (you can look it up here at Wookipedia.)

This pooch is known as wampug and has his squashed black face peering naively out of his fluffy white suit. Foam horns akimbo, the pup is dressed up for Halloween.

Simple cute and funny, its hard not to disagree with the viewer who says this video of Chubbs the pug is 'happiness incarnate'.


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