18/11/2011 04:07 GMT

I'm A Celebrity: Sinitta Petrified During Cockroach-Filled Cave Challenge

Petrified Sinitta tried to sleep standing up to avoid snoozing in a sea of bugs after being forced to spend the night in a cockroach-filled cave for I'm A Celebrity.

The 80s chart star was left sobbing in her sleeping bag as she remained upright for the night while worrying about the creatures.

But she and fellow camper DJ Pat Sharp managed to complete their task of lasting the night in the dark cave while the insects swarmed around them to win a selection of luxuries for other stars in the jungle camp.

The duo are the latest contestants to join ITV1's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and spent the night at the cave before joining the rest of the team.

Viewers had already seen Sharp wrap Sinitta in sleeping bags to protect her, in case any creepy crawlies roamed by as they slept. But show bosses then filled the cave with cockroaches, causing the bugs to swarm all over the pair.

Sharp urged her to "start taking your clothes off", so he could use the material to plug the holes in the wall through which the creatures were pouring. But Sinitta began to blub and moaned that she wanted to leave, while Sharp wandered over to the other side of the cave to bed down and nod off.

Sinitta then spent hours standing and sobbing as she remained upright for the rest of the night and surrounded by the critters. However the pair lasted the course, emerging victorious as dawn broke.

Sharp told her: "I want to give you a big hug." He added: "That was longer than the longest night ever."

So Macho singer Sinitta said: "I moved into a hotel once because there was a spider in the bath. Thank God for Pat because being together in that awful situation brought us closer together and he's a lovely man."

The duo's success in lasting the night meant they managed to win a complete set of luxury items which the rest of the contestants had chosen before joining the show. Sharp and Sinitta headed off into separate camps brandishing their gifts.

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