18/11/2011 12:22 GMT | Updated 18/01/2012 10:12 GMT

Sofie Grabol Returns As Sarah Lund In 'The Killing' Season Two - Complete With Jumper

Sofie Grabol has admitted that her character in The Killing, the poker-faced Sarah Lund, has become dependent on her jumper, which makes a welcome return, with its wearer, on Saturday night, with the start of Season Two of the Danish police thriller.

The jumper was one of the many stand-out performances of the first series, shown earlier this year on BBC 4 (not to be confused with the US version of the series, sacrilege for the many purists who set the bar by the quality of the Danish original).

Danish actress Grabol tells this week's Radio Times of her initial reluctance to reprise her woolly signature style for the second series.

"It's like an artistic law, you shouldn't repeat yourself, because then you're dead creatively," she explains. "So there's a sense of, 'They want the jumper? Well, they're not going to get the jumper!' "

But Grabol admitted that, half-way through filming Season Two, she realised something was missing. "I walked into the office of our producer and said, 'OK, I've tried but I really miss my sweater and I need it back' - so I got it back."

The actress can claim credit for the distinctive look of her character, wrapped up against the Copenhagen cold with the help of her distinctive Faroese white jumper with black patterns - which she calls a sweater. Grabol told the Radio Times it reminded her of her teenage years, growing up in a left-wing hippy commune.

Since it was first spotted on the show, the jumper has spawned countless imitations around the world, everywhere The Killing has been shown, with prices for the timeless design reaching £300. It has found designer status that is the very opposite of our defiantly unfashionable heroine.

The Killing II is on Saturday 9pm and 10pm, BBC4. Here are some images from the show in our Slideshow below: