21/11/2011 07:28 GMT | Updated 21/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Celebrity Chefs: The Christmas Bestseller Battle

Being a celebrity chef involves a lot more than just knocking up a decent souffle these days.

From saving the world's fish supplies to holding off the obesity epidemic one canteen salad at a time, these selfless kitchen crusaders are the forefront of the battle to save Britain.

So what sweet relief it must be when Christmas rolls around and they can get back to basics by releasing another cookery book.

Big, rustic fonts, glistening photographs of freshly grilled sea breams, nostalgic asides about why they fell in love with food in the first place - a celeb chef knows this annual routine backwards.

But which of this year's releases deserve a place on your kitchen shelf? We've prepared a smorgasbord of 2011's big hitters for your delectation...