Jennifer Lopez Steals American Music Awards With Raunchy, Acrobatic Routine (PICTURES)

Trying To Make Someone Jealous, J-Lo?

Jennifer Lopez has gone through several transformations since her arrival 'from the Block' over a decade ago. Her latest, at last night's American Music Awards, was that of circus acrobat with a raunchy twist.

Despite a catalogue of stars at the event including Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry, it was Lopez's raunched-up routine that stole the show, particularly as she took to the floor with her reported new love Casper Smart, with her estranged husband Marc Anthony due on stage afterwards.

Lopez was dressed in a sheer bodystocking covered in crystals revealing her curvacious shape. The 42-year-old mother of young twins, Lopez showed her impressive physique and athleticism in a routine that saw her twisted and thrown around the stage by her dancers, finally coming to rest with her famous rear grinding and finally parked in rapper Pitbull's crotch.

Pitbull later performed with Marc Anthony, who did not visibly react to the events before and contented himself with singing.

Lopez meanwhile shared her glee with her wider public, tweeting "Just killlllled the show with @JLo at the #AMAs2011!!!!"

The Awards can be seen in the UK on VIVA on Saturday 26 November at 10pm. See our Slideshow below of Jennifer Lopez spinning into action at the American Music Awards...


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