Watching Sitcoms Is Top Activity For Cheering Up Brits

The Number One Activity For Cheering Up Brits Is...

Watching sitcoms is Britain's top cheering up activity, according to a survey into viewing habits.

More than two thirds of respondents preferred watching a sitcom to drinking a glass of wine or chatting to their mother.

Three quarters of the men polled preferred to tune into a sitcom rather than speak to their mother if they were feeling upset.

The survey, conducted by television channel Gold to celebrate a new series, Sitcom Does, also found that 42% of the 2,000 adults polled preferred to watch sitcoms alone.

Respondents said they like to laugh along alone, rather than share the joke with their families or friends.

Viewers in Yorkshire and Humber were the most likely to watch comedy without company, as nearly half of those surveyed said they preferred solitary viewing.

Nearly all of the respondents enjoyed re-watching their favourite sitcoms, with 84% feeling happier afterwards.

Paul Moreton, general manager of Gold, said: "Britain is a nation of sitcom lovers who enjoy nothing more than settling down to watch their favourite comedy families, characters and moments, sitcoms truly are the social fabric of this country."