Arthur Christmas Heads To Nasa - WATCH

Did you ever wonder which gadgets and everyday items come from NASA technology? Of course you have.

In this collab between Nasa, The Smithsonian channel and the Arthur Christmas film-makers, a squeaky elf describes how Nasa technology improved baby formula, cell phones, mattresses, but unfortunately not the drama of Christmas shopping.

The thinly veiled premise is that Arthur Christmas, who runs the annual Christmas gift delivery system, has a penchant for Nasa tech in all its forms and has instilled that boffinry in his elves.

Master Christmas' elves are digital natives in the film and Santa's sleigh is a high speed S-1 spacecraft. It's what Jesus would have wanted.

If you can't bear the squeaking elf, Nasa have a full run down of how their technology makes it into everyday life. That site's called "What Have We Done For You Lately", which could also be translated as "Look, we're really useful, so US government, give us some funding!"

NASA engineer Adam Kissiah pioneered the cochlear implant, others have improved the aerodynamics of the Nerf Glider, a silicon chip from Hubble Space Telescope makes breast cancer screening less painful and Nasa technology has helped children with ADHD.

Who said they need a space shuttle program to be effective?