22/11/2011 20:56 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Names Trends Go Descriptive: Happy, Keen And True Gaining Popularity

Baby names trends go descriptive: Happy, Keen and True gaining popularity Rex

A baby name website is predicting a trend for adjective based names for new babies. says 'adjective' and 'fierce' names will hit an all time high in the year ahead.

It cites celeb kids with monikers such as Happy (Macy Gray's daughter), Keen (Mark Ruffulo's son) and True (already snapped up by Joely Fisher, Forest Whitaker and Meg Ryan for their children).

Nameberry's spokesperson, Pamela Satran said she expects many children to be named Happy, True, Noble, Brave, Strong, Loyal, Loving, Sunny and Golden in the next year, along with 'Royal' due to the popularity of the Royal wedding...

Pamela says she has also seen the site's message boards alive with mentions of Bear, Fox, Wolf, Falcon, Hawk, Breaker, Wilder and Ranger.

"Adventurous new macho names - aggressive and macho, but not traditional names, are gaining popularity," she says.

"They take these almost retrograde male qualities but make them something new. Macho in a renegade way."

Alicia Silverston tapped into the 'macho name' trend when she named her baby Bear Blu, whilst singer Erikah Badu's baby girl is Puma, My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way's baby is Bandit, and director Robert Rodriguez has a Rebel, Rogue, Rocket and a Racer.

Other celebs on the 'macho' bandwagon include Korn musician Jonathan Davis who has a child called Pirate, guitarist Steve Vai who has Fire, and The Killers' Brandon Flowers who has a son called Gunner.

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