22/11/2011 20:42 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

PE At School: Make Testing Mandatory, Says Expert


A sports medicine specialist is calling for children to have "physical literacy" tests in schools, alongside the assessments carried out for reading and maths.

Dr Andy Franklyn-Millers says this would not only help youngsters with health problems, but would also identify future sports stars.

Unions and the Youth Sport Trust, however, say testing would be counter-productive.

Dr Franklyn-Miller writes on the BBC health website that schools are putting the physical competence of future generations at risk by failing to give PE the same priority as other subjects on the curriculum.

He argues that help is available for kids who struggle with English or maths, but not with PE. He would like to see a similar approach used for what he calls "physical literacy".

He says: "Let us achieve future success now by building in a PE curriculum that embraces push, pull, squat, brace, rotate, accelerate and change of direction."

Dr Franklyn-Miller added the tests should be compulsory as children progress through their school career.

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