22/11/2011 15:51 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Rachel Stevens 'Overwhelmed' At Times By Motherhood

Rachel Stevens says husband Alex understanding and supportive over baby blues motherhood PA

Mum-of-one Rachel Stevens has given a candid interview about being a mum - and admits that at times she finds it "overwhelming".

Speaking to this week's New! magazine, Rachel says she loves being mummy to one-year-old Amelie, but fesses up that it is a "massive learning experience" and "so overwhelming for the first three months".

Despite Amelie sleeping through the night from three months, Rachel says the sleep deprivation in the early weeks was "the worst", and in a statement that will no doubt resonate with many new mums, admits she would get up in the night crying because she's "rubbish without sleep!"

Rachel goes onto say that that she succumbed to the 'baby blues' after Amelie's birth:

"It wasn't depression, but it is all so overwhelming. You feel like you should be on top of the world, but, at the same time, life has changed, you lose a little bit of your independence and you're also responsible for this little thing."

Her husband Alex was "really good" and "very supportive," at this time, but Rachel thinks it is "hard for the man as it's all about you two, then all of a sudden, another person comes into the picture and the dynamic totally changes."

"Everything dramatically changes," she says of her marriage post-baby Amelie. "We'd realise we'd gone for a few weeks and not actually sat down and spent time together. Now we keep the spark in our marriage with date nights."

And much like she told us earlier this year, Rachel says she would "absolutely" like to have more children - but not just yet - for now, she says, "I just want to enjoy Amelie!"

How refreshing to hear a celeb give a frank and true account of first-time mummyhood!

Read the full story in this week's new! magazine - out today