22/11/2011 15:53 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Spoiler: EastEnders To Go Baby Crazy With Two Pregnancy Storylines This Christmas

Eastenders Christmas pregnancies PA

EastEnders' explosive Christmas storylines will reveal two characters are pregnant with unexpected babies!

Both Janine Butcher and teenage tearaway Lola Pearce will discover they have buns (or perhaps Christmas puds) in the oven - and neither will be particularly happy with the news.

The father of Janine's baby is Michael Moon - but the BBC is not yet revealing who's the daddy of Lola's forthcoming arrival...

The Daily Star reports a source close to the show as saying: "Janine is completely shocked when she finds out she's pregnant. Her initial reaction is one of horror, especially as she still doesn't know whether she can trust Michael.

"He says he loves her and is excited about becoming a dad, but he always stirs up suspicion because of his track record."

Last Christmas and New Year, EastEnders came under fire over its cot death and baby swap storyline. This year's festive plotlines will also have Pat Butcher dying from cancer.

O, tidings of comfort and joy...

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