24/11/2011 17:19 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mums In The Driving Seat: Mothers Are Better Drivers, According To Kids

Mums in the driving seat: Mothers are better drivers, according to kids Rex

The question of whether men or women make for better drivers is one that's been debated as heatedly as the theory of evolution.

And it's finally been answered by the experts.

Children in the UK have officially declared that (strap yourself in for this one, dads) MUMS are better drivers than dads.


A poll of the nation's little passengers, aged six to 16, found that a convincing 80 per cent said they felt happier, safer and more relaxed when mum was behind the wheel.


Dads, they said, were aggressive, drove too fast and lost their tempers quickly on the road, but mums maintained a calm and happy attitude when in the driving seat, chatting non-stop to them or even going the extra mile and enjoying a sing-a-long to keep them entertained.

Painting a pretty damning portrait of dads as drivers, more than half of children say their father has had more accidents than mum, 64 per cent say he regularly shouts at other drivers who might be going to slow or cut him up and 81 per cent said that their dad drives at high speeds. What's more almost a quarter of kids say they often feel scared when dad has an attack of road rage.

Tom Barnard, spokesman for Hyundai, who carried out the research, said: "Most men believe they are better drivers than their partners, and would naturally grab the car keys when setting off on a journey with the family.

"But the shocking truth is that many children dread dad driving. And they are not just scared of him driving too fast and being dangerous – the kids are also too frightened to say anything."

Dads did come out top when it came to one driving skill though. Parking.

Two thirds of kids said that mum struggles with reverse parking, lurching and weaving all over the place for ages to fit into the right spot. This often results in the car bumping into walls or lamp posts – 57 per cent of kids claim the car suffers more knocks with mum behind the wheel.

Mums are also more likely than dads to stall the car when trying to do a hill start or pull away from a junction.

But all in all, the verdict is out. Our backseat baby drivers say mums do it best and pass the 'best driver' test. And who are we to argue?

"I'm not surprised by these findings," says Ange, 33, from Dorset, mum to two boys aged five and three. "Mums can multi-task – drive safely AND talk or sing to our children to keep them occupied – but dads just want to get everywhere fast and are more likely to be teaching their tots swear words than the lyrics to 'the wheels on the bus'!"

Simon, 40, dad of three from Cheshire is not convinced. "It's more likely to be that dads take children on the long journeys, on motorways, where the drive is more stressful. Popping out on five minute car trips to the shops or school is a breeze. And need I say anything about the parking issue? It's about having control of your car and knowing where it starts and ends!"

But Callum, nine, from Cardiff has the ideal solution. "Mum is much calmer than Dad. I'd like mum to drive me everywhere, and dad to park the car. He's always telling mum 'you could fit a bus in there' when she's trying to park into a small space. So maybe he should do that part every time and let her drive."

What else do you think our kids think mums might be better at?
Reading them their bedtime story?
Nursing them when they're poorly?
And – what about getting rid of spiders and doing DIY?
Or are we opening up a whole can of worms here?

And another survey that came to the same conclusion!