28/11/2011 17:36 GMT

Janet Devlin Slams 'X Factor' For Making Her Cover Songs

X Factor reject Janet Devlin has wasted no time in criticising the singing competition that until recently she starred in.

The flame-haired singer, who was booted off of the show after ending up in the bottom two alongside Misha B, told ITV's Lorraine that it was a relief to no longer be in the competition.

She said: "To me the sad thing about X Factor - and it's brought me down a lot - is the fact that I've just been covering other people's songs."

The 17-year-old added: "It got to the point where I felt like a karaoke artist every Saturday night."

But she admitted that if it had been karaoke she wouldn't have forgotten the lyrics, like she did on Saturday night while singing Hanson's Mmmbop, as they would have been on screen.

Despite her criticism, Janet has stayed loyal to her mentor Kelly Rowland whose refusal to vote last night ensured Janet went home.

Speaking to Digital Spy about her mentor, she denied that there was a rift between the pair.

She admitted there had been "run-ins" over song choices, but insisted that she "connected on a personal level" with Kelly.

She continued: "My relationship with Kelly and the other girls was great. I am a bit of a loner, so I know I can be quite hard to talk to, but the other girls always made an effort with me and were really nice and I'm really grateful for that and their company in the house.

"I'm incredibly grateful for Kelly giving me this opportunity. She didn't have to. She could have got rid of me at Judges' Houses and let me go."