28/11/2011 07:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Posh Dresses Harper Seven Like One Of The Addams Family!

Victoria Beckham and Harper Big Pictures

Most mums are happy to dress their baby girls in bright colours, but Posh has gone for a distinctly dowdy designer look for Harper Seven Beckham!

And the look on the little 'un's face says it all: 'Why the Addams Family look, Mummy?'

Well, it is her heritage, after all. Before she was a Beckham, Victoria was, of course, an Adams – and now it looks like she's determined to dress her baby like one.

Little Harper was snapped at Los Angeles Airport wearing the purple stripey dress and £30 Chloe tights (!) as her mum prepared to fly back to Britain for tomorrow's British Fashion Awards at London's Savoy Hotel.

And as well as adopting her mother's fashion sense, Harper Seven also has her mum's trademark pout.

Our question of the day is - did you ever manage to hold a baby under one arm, while nonchalantly keeping the other hand in a pocket and coping with stratospheric boots?