30/11/2011 16:33 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Beyonce Shuns Traditional Maternity Style In Favour Of Electric Blue Leggings

Beyonce Knowles turned a few heads with her latest maternity look as she headed out into New York wearing a pair of patterned leggings on Tuesday.

Beyonce shuns traditional maternity style in favour of electric blue leggings Photo: Getty

Here at MyDaily we do love a good bit of maternity fashion but if we're being honest with ourselves we don't necessarily like these leggings on their own, they're just being lumped in with our general happiness at Bey shunning the traditional bump uniform of empire line dresses.

Beyonce shuns traditional maternity style in favour of electric blue leggings Photo: Getty

If we were to focus on the electric blue, patterned business itself we would be telling you that they don't count as trousers. Mostly we would be saying that to try and safeguard against Xtina turning up in a pair in the near future.

Are you a fan of Beyonce's bump styling? Let us know in a comment.

When you're done judging her legwear, hit play on the video below for a super cute behind-the-scenes video from the Countdown shoot.

Curiously the singers states in the video that the date is 23 September and she's six months pregnant... which has caused a bit of a stir online as it would put her due date in December rather than in February.

MyDaily has been having a ponder of this and have a possible solution: basically, given a full term pregnancy is 40 weeks and most people round the number of weeks in a month down to 4, Bey could have meant she was six months gone as in nearly 24 weeks which would put her due date in mid to late January - far closer to the date she announced on telly in Australia.

That or, if you're a bump conspiracy theorist, it's more fuel to the no-baby fire.

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