Christmas Fancy Dress to Impress

23/12/2011 11:35 GMT | Updated 23/12/2011 11:35 GMT

With the countdown to the festive period well under way, you should seriously start putting together your Christmas fancy dress.

Within the Christmas category, Santa Claus costumes have traditionally been the biggest sellers. However, this year, the Huffington Post UK, is encouraging you to break free from tradition and pick inventive Christmas costumes to add a sparkle of fun to the celebrations.

If you're looking for something slightly different then the morphsuit could be for you. Woven from 100% pure shame, the suits certainly do get you noticed. We've double-checked and you can see, and even drink, through them. You could go for the sexy Santa option, or the sleek James Bond tuxedo one. Tough choice, we know.

If you feel the morphsuit doesn't do justice to your figure, there are plenty other alternatives for you to explore. The Turkey costume is a flattering choice. You can parade your beautiful ruffled feathers and majestic fan-like tail. It might be a little uncomfortable to sit ... so just stand.

If you are more of a sweet tooth, check out the gingerbread man costume. No doubt you'll be feeling all fuzzy and warm inside. You might also receive a bite or two. But that’s just because you’ll be looking so sweet.

Ladies, we also thought about you. This year, no need to buy a Christmas tree. You'll be one yourself! You'll thank us later for all the savings you made. The costume includes stars and tinsels. No doubt you'll outshine the crowd. for the fancy dresses. They hold over 4000 items in stock and ship to the UK and Europe. for the morphsuits.