PMQs 30 November: David Cameron And Ed Miliband Clash Over Strikes (LIVE BLOG)

LIVE: David Cameron And Ed Miliband Clash At PMQs

David Cameron has labelled Wednesday's public sector strikes as a "damp squib" and attacked Labour leader Ed Miliband for being "irresponsible, left wing and weak."

According to the PM around 40% of schools are open, only 18 job centres are closed and only a third of the civil service is on strike.

During tense exchanges in a PMQs, held as an estimated two million public sector workers strike in protest at public sector pension changes, the prime minister denied he welcomed the industrial action.

"I don't want to see any strikes, I don't want to see schools close, I don't want to see problems at our borders", he told MPs.

And he accused Labour of being "in the pocket of trade union leaders" and unwilling to confront the need to reform public sector pensions.

But Labour leader Ed Miliband hit back, saying he was proud of workers supporting his party and it was "better that than millions from Lord Ashcroft".

Miliband accused Cameron of being "out of touch" with "decent hard working people", asking: "Why does the prime minister think so many decent, hard-working public sector workers... feel the government simply isn't listening."

Parliament has certainly been affected by the strikes - catering staff and Hansard writers are all off-work.

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