02/12/2011 07:52 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

All Tight On The Night: Jessie J's Return To Catsuits

You know how Jessie J was all glammed up in a gown for this week's X Factor? Turns out it was totally a blip on the fashion radar and out favourite catsuit addict is back to normal.

All tight on the night: Jessie J's return to catsuits Photo: Empics

This is Jessie J performing onstage at the Radio One's Xtra Live event in Brixton last night. She is wearing a black and white stripy all-in-one covered in a snaking charm bracelet chain design. We are imagining the following conversation occurred behind the scenes:

Stylist: So I've brought a selection of dresses for you to wear this evening...

Jessie: *silence*

Stylist: I'll just run through them with you and you can decide what's best.

Jessie: They're nice and all but do any of them have, y'know, built in legs?

Stylist: Please don't do this.

Jessie: Don't do what? I'm just asking about the all-in-one-ness. Come to think of it, none of them have that 'second skin' thing going for them either.

Stylist: ...

Jessie: They're just not - what's the word? - "catsuity" enough. Nothing like this snazzy number! *brandishes charm print catsuit*

Stylist: Why do you keep hiring me?


All tight on the night: Jessie J's return to catsuits Photo: Empics

Offstage a pair of tight gold trousers confirmed that the skintight wardrobe is very much here to stay!

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