02/12/2011 06:40 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby Boy Dumped Inside A Bag In A Toilet Survives

Baby dumped in bag in toilet survives Rex

A baby boy is recovering in hospital after being dumped down a toilet pit in a plastic bag.

The boy was rescued from the hole in temperatures of -30°C after a passerby heard his whimpers.

Li Qingshu was walking past the public lavatory when he heard the baby crying. Realising the noise was coming from a red plastic bag, he called the emergency services who used a wooden pole to lift the bag out and found the baby inside.

Baby dumped in bag in toilet survives Rex

The infant was rushed to hospital in Nenjiang County, north-east China and is recovering well. It is not known who abandoned him in the toilet.

The little boy will be put up for adoption once he is well enough to leave hospital.

How sad.
Poor little boy, and thank goodness he was found in time.