02/12/2011 12:11 GMT | Updated 02/04/2014 05:59 BST

Sleepy Burglar Discovered Sleeping On Living Room Floor By Astonished Homeowner

Seriously, Amado Cardenas? Falling asleep on the job is one thing, but falling asleep half-way through burgling someone's house? That's just not cool, dude.

Monroe Sheriff's Office report that Cardenas was found napping on the victim's living room floor on Wednesday morning.

The astonished homeowner's 7th Avenue apartment in Stock Island, Florida, had been ransacked, with money taken from drawers and medication removed from cupboards.

Her flatscreen TV had also been moved, but Cardenas had failed to actually steal it, instead drinking all the beers in her fridge and passing out in the middle of the floor.

Cardenas' excuse after being questioned by police? He thought he was in his ex-girlfriend's house, who lives next door. Ah, that old chestnut...