02/12/2011 07:48 GMT | Updated 02/12/2011 07:55 GMT

The Kills' Alison Mosshart On Her Bandmate Jamie Hince Marrying Kate Moss: 'Nice To See Him Happy'

"It's nice to see my bandmate happy," Alison Mosshart shrugs off the paparazzi pressures that come with her bandmate marrying the most recognisable supermodel of his generation.

The Kills' vocalist Mosshart was even willing to be Jamie Hince's 'best person' when he married Kate Moss in a high-profile country wedding this summer.


This kind of unconventional arrangement seems to go with the territory of male-female musical pairings - Annie Lennox famously performed the same nuptial duties for her Eurythmics partner Dave Stewart when he married Siobhan Fahey in 1987 - but Mosshart appears unafraid that Hince's new status will impinge on her, professionally or personally:

"We're pretty set in our ways," she explains in London, ahead of the band's concert at London's Brixton Academy this weekend. "He definitely has new responsibilities, but that would happen with any band together a long time. And we know how to behave. We're not going to fall over in the street, so I feel pretty safe."

From the sound of it, this summer is by no means the most unpredictable episode in their 13-year history together, anyway - an alliance that began when Florida-based Mosshart heard Hince playing the guitar in a London hotel room and decided "he sounded really cool - much better than the people I was playing with".

Mutual musical respect turned into a long-distance correspondence - "pictures, cassette tapes, letters, coffees, a magic box every three weeks" is how Mosshart remembers it fondly, until one morning the pull of London proved too strong.

"I woke up, thought f*** it, and scrambled enough money together for a plane ticket," she explains. "And 11 years later, it's still home."

Things took another surreal turn, when the pair, both absorbed by the Warhol scene of the 1970s, decided to take new creative 'names'.

"We were basically drunk one night, and Jamie gave me literally one second to come up with something, and my only response was a sound, best translated as "VV", Mosshart remembers. "Meanwhile Jamie became 'hotel', purely because I was obsessed with hotels then - that lasted a while but it's tailed off since."

When The Kills released their first material, it was praised for its distinctive sound, which Mosshart reveals was achieved by "Jamie realising I couldn't play guitar and having to play bass and lead at the same time".

No doubt because of the girl-boy pairing as well as the sound, they have also been compared with The White Stripes, something flattering but misleading:

"It's kind of true, because we're both rooted in the blues, and they kicked open the door for our type of bands - who wouldn't want to be compared with The White Stripes - but we are different, for a start we have a drum machine."

The way Mosshart explains it, this drum machine that might be considered a cop-out to help keep a lesser band to keep in time, is actually an extra challenge leaving them fully exposed on stage.

"We can't speed up, we can't slow down, there's no adjusting to be done. So if we mess up, that's it - we just have to laugh, give it up and try another song. Which can add a certain tension," she laughs.

The Kills perform at Brixton Academy this Saturday 3 December. Click here for tickets. Watch them in action in our clip below...