05/12/2011 04:51 GMT

David Cameron: I Would Bring Back Spooks For Christmas Day Special

David Cameron prefers Albert Square to Ambridge and has a lot of sympathy for Jim Hacker's battles with Sir Humphrey, he has revealed.

The prime minister, who says he still gets a Christmas stocking, was speaking about his family's festive routine during an interview with this week's Radio Times.

"We take Christmas very seriously in our house," he said. "Especially the decoration of the tree, Sam won’t let me anywhere near it, in fact one year she made me remove the lights I’d strung up and start again."

"And yes, the television’s on at three on the dot for the Queen’s speech.”

Cameron also told the magazine what his ideal festive TV schedule would be.

“I’d have a Spooks reunion episode with all the old characters back from the dead: Adam Carter, Ros Myers, Ruth Evershed… Then one of those great costume dramas like Jane Eyre or Bleak House, then a film – Goldfinger or The Sound of Music, which I still love watching.”

He also claimed to be a big fan of the hit Danish crime thrillerThe Killing and the award winning American sitcom Modern Family.

However he is apparently not so keen onThe Apprentice, fronted by Labour peer Lord Sugar. He also prefers to follow the characters of Eastenders to middle England favourite The Archers.

Cameron also said that the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte, a big fan of the show, was amused when told the Whitehall manoeuvrings of Yes Minister were "basically true.”