05/12/2011 08:48 GMT | Updated 05/12/2011 09:05 GMT

'Fake' London Dungeon Skeleton Turns Out To Be Real (Pictures)

Staff at the London Dungeon gave themselves a scare for once after discovering that one of the skeletons in their "Creepy Crypt" exhibit was actually real - and another might be too.

Nicknamed "Kate" after the skinny supermodel, the partially-constructed skeleton is believed to be a piece of anatomical research from the 1950s that somehow made its way into the popular attraction.

One of the dungeon's managers, Catherine Pritchard, admits that they had suspected Kate might real for a while.

Because of this, when they learned that Government body "Human Tissues Authority" has a rule about human remains that are less than 100 years old, they called in the experts to check.

Enter Bill Edwards, from the Gordon Museum - a.k.a. Guy's Hospital's London's Medical Museum - who swiftly took a sample and confirmed that yes, yes indeed, Kate was a human once, and will have to be removed from the attraction before the London Dungeon faces a fine.

But it's not just Kate who might have been a human once - another piece in the exhibit, nicknamed "Twiggy", also looks like it might be the real deal.

"Both skeletons were due to move to the Dungeon's annual Satan's Grotto feature in mid-December," says Pritchard, "But will now have to be replaced by other grisly props."

So don't worry kiddly-winks, there aren't any real skellingtons in the London Dungeons - unless they're over 100 years old, in which case, there may well be loads of them. Gulp.