06/12/2011 12:09 GMT | Updated 19/12/2011 09:57 GMT

Nailed it! Stuntman Balancing His Head On A Nail Is Highlight Of China's 'Ethnic Games' (Pictures)

Li Xin isn't like most men. You can tell because he's spent the past 20 years practising one particular trick: balancing on his head on a nail for a 10 second stretch.

The 47-year-old, 10st 7lb (66kg) stuntman even waves his hands as he pulls off the trick, before bending down in front of the crowd to show the nail-shaped indentation in his head.

The so-called "nail" actually has a wider-than-usual tip to give Xin more surface area to balance on, but to be honest, we'll forgive him that - if only because just doing a handstand is hard enough for most people.

Xin's performance was part of Nanning's "Ethnic Games", held in South China's autonomous Guangxi Zhuang region every year, which sees daredevils and endurance experts like Xin show off their skills to the world.

This time around audiences were also wowed by the talents of Liu Feinan - a man nicknamed "Snake King Asia" because of his habit of feeding snakes into his nose.

Elsewhere, Yao sportsmen played a game of "fireball", hurtling a ball covered in flame around a traditional sand-covered pitch. That's right, that actually happened, and here's the video as proof, which also includes examples of other extreme Yao sports such as "Climbing the mountain of knives" and leaping into piles of broken glass. As you do.

But for more images of Xin, including one of the indentation on his head, take a look at our slideshow below...