07/12/2011 06:48 GMT | Updated 06/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Mitch Winehouse Reveals Grief For Daughter Amy And Immediate Idea For Foundation (VIDEO)

Mitch Winehouse yesterday gave an impassioned speech about turning his grief over the loss of his daughter Amy into something positive.

Mitch was talking at the first Huffington Post UK Celebrity Soapbox event, held at Stratford in east London, which attracted a diverse range of public figures - from Germaine Greer to Imogen Thomas - to talk about causes close to their hearts.

Mitch revealed his thoughts on hearing that his talented daughter had died were immediately focused on building the Amy Winehouse Foundation and doing something celebratory in her name.

He told the crowd: "I had no immediate feelings of grief, that was to come later. I believe that a thought had been put in my head by Amy herself... foundation, foundation, foundation, children, music, horses."

He went on: "Obviously, my brain had kicked into self- preservation mode and was helping me deal with the immediate aftermath of Amy's passing. It was only when I saw my family, my wife Jane, my son Alex and Amy's mum Janis and all the others that came to meet me at Camden Square, that I realised the enormity of what had happened. I have never cried like that before and I haven't stopped crying since then."

Mitch said that the family wanted to set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation to "perpetuate Amy's legacy, not only through her music but also through the number of children we are able to help in her name".

He added. "None of us can mend what has happened - I'm sure there are people here who have lost loved ones. The one thing I'm sure we would all want to do is bring them back. We can't do that, so we can either wallow in our sadness or we can try to make something positive come out of something so awful."

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