09/12/2011 15:14 GMT

Leona Lewis: How Showbiz Are You?

She was the girl next door with the show-stopping voice who went on to conquer the music world, but has her new-found fame changed the X Factor winner? It's time to find out as we ask... Leona Lewis, how showbiz are you?

1. Who's the most famous name in your mobile?

I don't have many famous friends really except Simon Cowell.

5/5 Why would you need any other celeb on speed dial when you have the mighty Cowell? The man knows EVERYONE.

2. Most bizarre thing you've ever read about yourself?

I've read a lot of stuff but the one about Simon buying me a house was quite random!

0/5. Not really beyond the realms of possibility though is it?

3. How much is too much for a haircut?

I hate having my haircut so I try not to.

0/5. Yes, the hair fairies are responsible for that lustrous mane. Purleeeease!

4. Katie Price. Friend or foe?

I don't want to judge as I have never met her.

0/5. Oh Leona, don't you know that all celebs mask their inner turmoil by slating one another?

5. Weirdest thing you've been sent by a fan?

I get such lovely gifts from fans... amazing pictures, handmade jewellery. I'm very lucky!

2/5. Just wait until those dirty pants start dropping through your letterbox.

6. Best party ever?

We had a great party at my house just before Christmas, it was Moulin Rouge-themed and all my closest friends and family came!

0/5. Nothing remotely showbiz about keeping it real.

7. Ever used your fame to get what you want?

I get some great freebies!

0/5. We're not talking a free lip gloss on the cover of some mag.

8. How much cash would it take to get you to pose in the buff?

Haha! No amount!

0/5. Zzzzzzzz

9. Best freebie you ever received?

I recently got a Wii, which was awesome!

1/5. No designer frocks? Note to Leona, it's time to start using and abusing your celeb status!

10. Ever been chatted up by another celeb?


0/5. Hmmmm.

Result: 8/50

Loose-lipped she ain't but Leona hasn't let fame or money go to her head. In fact, she's quite possibly the least showbiz celeb we've ever come across. Somehow we don't think we'll be seeing reports of any showbiz strops, diva tantrums or rehab appointments any time soon and for once, we wouldn't have it any other way. Gawd bless ya, Lele!