09/12/2011 07:52 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Teenage Botox: Teen 'Toxing' On The Rise

Teen toxing Botox parties latest craze amongst youngsters PA

'Teen toxing' - the latest craze among image obsessed teenage girls - is reportedly fuelling a 15 per cent rise in demand for Botox injections.

The £18million-a-year Botox market is now overrun with young girls paying out £100 a time for jabs to freeze their faces and stop them ageing, according to the Daily Mirror.

Plastic surgeon Dr Shoib Allan Myint told the Daily Mirror that the trend was potentially dangerous, saying: "This trend of 'teen toxing' has a potential for unnecessary complications from untrained injectors who are not physicians. Most teens are wrinkle-free and Botox does not prevent natural ageing. Unless there is a compelling need, it should not be administered under the age of 18."

The newspaper says that TV shows such as TOWIE and X Factor influence youngsters' decisions to have the procedure.

Last week 17-year-old Harry Derbidge from TOWIE admitted he was having Botox before staring in panto, whilst the X Factor's Marcus Collins, 23, had his forehead treated before recent performances.

Girlguiding UK found in a survey that 5 per cent of teenage girls have considered having Botox and a staggering 48 per cent would think about having plastic surgery.

The Mirror claims in the US, more than 12,000 teens as young as 13 had the jabs in 2009, whilst Glee actress Charice Pempengco, 18, admitted having Botox to prepare for her role in the show.

An eight-year-old from California was taken into care after her mother gave her the injections before entering beauty pageants.

It stated "hundreds of Botox parties will be held over Christmas and New Year as this disturbing trend sweeps the UK."

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