09/12/2011 04:33 GMT

X Factor: Kelly Rowland Embarrassed By Amelia Lily's Success?

With just one day to go before the big X Factor final, there are rumours that a rift has developed between Amelia Lily and her mentor Kelly Rowland.

The pair have reportedly barely spent any time together and friends of Middlesbrough lass Amelia claim Kelly "doesn't want her to win".

The Daily Mirror suggest the former Destiny's Child singer is secretly red-faced about Amelia Lily's success, probably because she booted her out after the very first live show.

And while Gary Barlow has been round to Marcus' mum's house for a cuppa, and Tulisa has been partying and gigging with Little Mix, Kelly reportedly spent most of Amelia's homecoming holed up in a hotel, only spending 10 minutes with her act's family.

One of Amelia's family friends is quoted as saying, "Kelly couldn't hide the fact she didn't want to be in Middlesbrough and seemed to spend most of her time in a hotel.

"Amelia was out all day trying to drum up support while Kelly was nowhere to be seen. The feeling is she's not too fussed about what happens and doesn't really want Amelia to win."

Meanwhile the pair put on a united front as they partied at The Box nightclub in London last night, but a blabber-mouthed party-goer claims they "barely spoke and were both sat texting".

Kelly's spokeswoman denied the rift rumours, saying she is "completely committed to Amelia" but has been busy promoting her album.

Even so, it doesn't bode well for the big duet on Saturday, where the pair are set to team up to sing River Deep, Mountain High.

But Amelia seems excited about it nonetheless, writing on Twitter:

"OMG!! words cannot describe how excited I am about dueting with @KELLYROWLAND !! Dream come true #XFactorDuet xxxx."

And if the pressure of singing with her mentor wasn't enough, there's one other person she and all the rest of the hopefuls will have to impress as Simon Cowell will be sticking his oar in at the last minute via a live satellite link-up.

According to the Daily Mail, the X Factor mastermind will be watching live from LA and is planning to comment during or after the final showdown.

We're not sure who will be more nervous... the acts or the judges.