Best World Photos Of 2011

Best World Photos Of 2011

Back in April, the winners of the 2011 Sony World Photography Awards were announced after over 105,000 images were submitted to the competition from 162 different countries.

It was a stunning collection of photographs, capturing scenes as diverse as the persecuted Muslim minorities of Myanmar seeking refuge in Banglades, to the gunmen of Latin America, some of whom operate as hit men for less than £20 a kill.

The competition's most illustrious award - the L’Iris D’Or (2011 Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year) went to Argentinean photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg, who captured a community of islanders living on Parana River Delta in a series of stunning night time portraits. He took home over £16,000 in prize money.

Together the winning photographs offer a vivid snapshot of live on planet earth in 2011. Enjoy them below.


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