11/12/2011 05:56 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Diva Dress-Off: Mariah's Post-Baby Slinky V Leona's High-Drama Gown

An on-stage battle between pop divas Mariah Carey would certainly be epic entertainment.

Diva dress-off: Mariah's post-baby body v Leona's high-drama gown Mariah Carey showed off her trim post-baby body in a form-fitting red dress. Photo: Rex

But the singing sensations went head-to-head on the red carpet instead last night as both ladies turned up the glam factor for the Noble Gift Gala at the Dorchester Hotel.

Leona, meanwhile, chose what looked like another of her favourite designer Vivienne Westwood's creations, which consisted of a structured white corset, a voluminous black skirt, finished with matching ruby lips and clutch bag.

Who do you think won this red carpet fashion round? Let us know below...